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cover photo c/o Jodie Gordon Media

On set of The Talk.

Photo c/o Sarah Zanon

At the Willson Oakville Film Festival for The Talk. I truly have no idea who took this photo.

At the screening of Pet Sematary with producer Sherry Lynn King.

Photo c/o Haydn Jarrett


An award-winning filmmaker who's done some things and is recognized for stuff. Very eager to do more things and stuff.





"A talented and hilarious young filmmaker. I'll be the first to buy tickets to his movies."

- PETER BLOCK // Producer (Jigsaw, Rambo) 


Wow. Bold move starting off with a quote from one of Hollywood's greatest producers before even talking about himself. What a gifted-yet-humble person this Tyler guy is!


...Ahem, oh hi, didn't see you there.


My name is Tyler Boyco, and you are for some reason on my website. This means one of two things; I've either forced you to come here at gunpoint, or you've googled "Roseanne Barr with a beard porn". No matter how you've drunkenly stumbled upon my domain, welcome. I am-


"One of the greatest attitudes on set that I have come across in my 30+ years of filmmaking."

- MICHAEL KENNEDY // Director (Kids in the Hall)


Did I just get cut off by another quote from one of Canada's greatest directors? Wow.


I like to call myself a writer, director, editor, graphic designer, and occasional actor. I usually just say "Jackass of all trades", but my mom doesn't think people will take me seriously. Though if you look at the pictures on this page, you will notice I take things super duper seriously.


Born in Toronto and raised in Keswick (the home of Toronto Maple Leaf's great Curtis Joseph), my early years were spent skateboarding and playing hockey. When I wasn't sweating profusely, I was watching a LOT of TV and movies. My dad had amassed a gigantic collection of VHS tapes that he recorded himself, from movies rented from Blockbuster, or ripped right from good ol' cable television. Because of his piracy and my mom's mandatory movie nights, I watched just about everything. Oddly enough, it came as a surprise that I wanted to pursue film as a career. But before all that started, I was-


"Tyler's enthusiasm on set is contagious. His talent for writing and directing are just as admirable."

- THE SPIERIG BROTHERS // Writer/Directors (Winchester, Predestination)


My God. Where was I? My first foray into the arts was music. I played in a band with my best friend for quite some time. Toured Canada and the States. It didn't pan out. Then one of my other best friends bought a camera and we made a couple of extremely low budget films in our hometown (and by low budget, I mean five bucks). But, they ended up playing at the local movie theatre to a full house. From then on, I decided to take film seriously and headed to school at Trent University where they had no film program. Dropped out and briskly moved to Durham College where they sort-of had a film program (at the time it was just starting, I'm told it's great now).  And finally, I landed at Sheridan College, where, although they had film, we were told we should probably work at Starbucks instead. Needless to say, things weren't going so well. Out of sheer luck (and the recommendation of a good friend), I landed a spot on the new Jigsaw film as the director's assistant. I knew then and there I was where I should be: assisting successful people (JK LOL I'm a very funny person). Since then, I have been on many other feature films, written and directed award-winning shorts, and am currently in development of my first tv show Bluebird with Don Ferguson Productions (Royal Canadian Air Farce) and in the process of developing my first feature that I REALLY hope to-


"The Louis CK of our generation." - KETURA KESTIN // Producer (Saw, Knights of Badassdom)


Okay, to be fair, this was said BEFORE he was masturbating all over the place and being a racist moron, but I think we get the point-


"Oh, you're unemployed again? Cool." - DAYNA TAYLOR // Girlfriend (Tyler's girlfriend)


...Hire me!





THE TALK: Director, Editor, Story Editor

  • Official Selection - POP UP SHORTS FESTIVAL 2019

  • Nominee "Best Screenplay" and "Best Actress (Sarah Slywchuk)" - THE SHORT FILM AWARDS 2018

  • Nominee "Best Comedy" - SHORT AND SWEET FILM FESTIVAL 2018

  • Official Selection - MILTON FILM FESTIVAL 2018

  • Winner "Award of Distinction" - CANADA SHORTS FILM FESTIVAL 2017

  • Top 10 Finalist - KEVIN HART'S 'EAT MY SHORTS' COMPETITION (JFL 42) 2017

  • Winner "Special Jury Award" - NORTH AMERICAN FILM AWARDS 2017

  • Winner "Best Short Film" and Nominee "Best Director" - L.A. SHORTS AWARDS 2017

  • Nominee "Best Screenplay" - CHILLIWACK FILM FESTIVAL 2017

  • Winner "Audience Choice Award" - TORONTO YOUTH SHORTS 2017

  • Official Selection - BUCHAREST FILM FESTIVAL 2017

  • Official Selection - ORLANDO FILM FESTIVAL 2017

  • Winner "Audience Choice Award" - WILLSON OAKVILLE FILM FESTIVAL 2017

  • Official Selection - HAMILTON FILM FESTIVAL 2017

  • Official Selection - OTTAWA INDIEFEST 2017

BLUEBIRD: Writer, Director, Editor, Actor

  • Winner "Series of the Week" STAREABLE 2017

SASSQUATCH: Writer, Director, Editor, Actor

  • Winner "Best Short" REEL FILM FEST 2013