I was born at a very young age in Toronto and raised in rural Keswick where the only source of entertainment was skateboarding and playing hockey. My friends and I would cut together skate videos from our old RCA camcorder and perform wrestling "shows" in a makeshift ring in our basements, inviting the entire street to watch, while selling them the VHS copy of it afterwards. I realized early on I wanted to make movies and entertain.

After graduating with honours from Durham and Sheridan College, I went on to become a production coordinator for both indie productions and major studio features while pursuing my passion of writing and directing film and television.

My short film The Talk, has premiered at numerous festivals around the world and was a finalist in Kevin Hart's "Eat My Shorts" competition at Just For Laughs 42. I am also the co-creator of the web series Bluebird, which is being developed for television with Don Ferguson Productions.

At present I am in pre-production of my first feature, horror/comedy Whatever Happened to Olivia Boone? while developing a couple of other scripts. I currently reside in the Peterborough, Ontario area with my brilliant fiancee Dayna and my not-so-brilliant poodle Daisy, who love to hear about all my projects all of the time.

I am always eager to make stuff, so hit me back, just to chat, truly yours, your biggest fan, this is Stan... wait

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